AUDITS - Our firm began providing governmental audit services under retired senior partner H. Harrison Tillman, Sr., CPA. These services are now provided by H. Harrison Tillman, Jr., CPA with over 30 years of experience. Due to the ever changing requirements of governmental audits, accounting and financial reporting, H. Harrison Tillman, Jr., CPA devotes the majority of his practice to these services and a majority of his continuing professional education to these services.

CONSULTING - With the changes made in the requirements for governmental auditors to be independent and not provide many of the consulting services that were provided prior to changes in the governmental audit standards, we have expanded our governmental consulting services and provide these services to governments and work with their audit firm. This has allowed governments to obtain the expertise they need in may areas including:

  •  improving accounting systems
  •  preparing for audits
  •  preparing audit and comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR)
  •  obtaining the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting
  •  issuing bond debt,
  •  negotiating SPLOST, LOST and Service Delivery Strategy Act (489) agreements
  •  preparation of the DCA Report of Local Government Finances
  •  preparation of  the DOT Road Maintenance and Construction Survey
  •  preparation of the DNR Landfill Financial Assurance Reports

We provide audit and consulting services to county and city governments, as well as authorities.

 Contact Harrison Tillman for more information or questions on these services.